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Golden Cottonwood by Cascade
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Golden Cottonwood by Cascade
Linhof Master Technika 2000 camera, 120mm Schneider Super-Symmar HM f/5.6 lens, polarizer, Fujicolor Pro 160S film, 99 megapixels
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Golden Cottonwood by Cascade

North Fork Virgin River near Mt. Spry, Zion National Park, UT, 11/6/2006

This was the first time I spent an entire hour making a single photograph! I spotted this scene from a trail bridge over the Virgin River in Zion National Park on a crystal-clear autumn day. All the elements were there for a fine composition: a beautiful golden Fremont cottonwood tree (Populus fremontii), whitewater cascade on the Virgin River, Mountain of the Sun at center, and red Mt. Spry at right. But the views from the bridge didn't quite work; regardless of where I stood, something obscured part of the essential features I wished to photograph. Next I considered the view from either side of the river at water's edge; they had the same problem. Finally I moved some stones into the river and stood on them while placing my camera on a tripod in the water to capture the view seen here! The Fremont Cottonwood is native to western North America. It grows in riparian areas like this near streams, rivers, springs, wetlands, and alluvial bottomlands below elevations of 6,600 feet. This river scene is about 4,050 feet above sea level.

Golden Cottonwood by Cascade

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