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Graceful Oak, Halls Valley
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Graceful Oak, Halls Valley
Linhof Master Technika 2000 camera, 47mm Schneider Super-Angulon XL f/5.6 lens, center filter, Fujicolor Pro 160S film, 55 megapixels
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Graceful Oak, Halls Valley

Washburn Trail, Joseph D. Grant County Park, Santa Clara County, CA, 3/14/2008

In this part of California the sky is almost always completely clear or completely cloudy; afternoons with a nice mix of clouds as seen here are unusual. I had photographed this graceful oak on several earlier occasions. It is next to the Washburn Trail in Joseph D. Grant County Park, just east of San Jose, CA. I like the way the tree is situated on a grassy hill with sweeping views into Halls Valley. On this late winter day the clouds were stormy, and I was fortunate to capture this moment when the sun spotlighted the tree and several other similar trees in the distance in a chiaroscuro surrealistic manner. I used a 47mm Schneider Super-Angulon XL lens, which is the widest rectilinear lens made for a 4x5 view camera like mine. Thanks to the extraordinary lens, this picture enjoys a 120 degree field of view! The landscape in 9,560 acre Grant Park is characteristic of the east foothills of Santa Clara Valley with grasslands and majestic oak trees.

Graceful Oak, Halls Valley

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