Landscape Photography
of James L. Snyder

The Merced River
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The Merced River
Linhof Master Technika 2000 camera, 150mm Schneider Symmar-S f/5.6 lens, Kodak Professional Portra 160 film, 2 exposures, 99 megapixels
All Images ©Copyright 2010 James L. Snyder. All Rights Reserved

The Merced River

Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, CA, 6/14/2017

Following a winter of abundant snowfall throughout California’s Sierra Nevada, I visited Yosemite Valley in late spring of 2017 to see the waterfalls and Merced River running at full blast. Here is an upstream view of the river near Cathedral Rocks on a gorgeous afternoon. The heavy water flow was a thrill to behold, and I was pleased to find the perfect rock upon which to stand. Nature’s powerful forces are constantly at work sculpting the terrain; the granite boulders in the water were once part of the cliffs that surround the valley. The steep wall at right is called Middle Cathedral Rock, and Taft Point is just right of center.

The Merced River

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