Landscape Photography
of James L. Snyder

American Southwest

The Southwestern United States is a region often defined as the Four Corner states Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, with some parts of neighboring Nevada, western Oklahoma, and western Texas. Much of this region belonged to Mexico before the Mexican-American War. A common perception while traveling from the eastern U.S. is that once you reach the High Plains in eastern Colorado, eastern New Mexico, or western Texas, you have entered the beginnings of the American Southwest. Vegetation here includes yucca, cactus, desert spoon, creosote bush, sagebrush, and greasewood. Landscape features include mountains, mesas, high broad basins, plateaus, desert lands, and plains. It is here where I find what I consider to be the most western looking places in the world!
Zion Canyon at Dawn
Zion Autumn Splendor
Court of the Patriarchs
Clearing Snowstorm View
Sunset after Snowstorm, Yavapai Point
Fresh Snow at Lipan Point
Sunset through Pinyon Pines and Snow
Cathedral Rock, Last Sunlight